What Happens When You Steal a Hackers Computer

I can sum up this awesome video for you, in case you don’t have twenty minutes to spare. Don’t steal a hackers computer unless you want embarrassing aspects of your life made very public (with photos!)

Excellent video about the perils of stealing computers. Extremely entertaining and not complex at all. The presenter, called Zoz, speaks in plain English and makes the complex seem casual. The talk was given at the Def Con 18 Hacking Conference in August of 2010. I know it’s three years old now, but it’s hilarious and the lessons are still very relevant. It was shot using the in-house camera’s, so the video and audio are of excellent quality.

Here’s the description of Zoz on the Def Con site:

Zoz is a software hacker, social engineer, and all-around sneaky bastard when the occasion demands. He loves his Mac like his first born.