Record a video, launch the project and then  send a message out to your 700 Facebook friends to let them know they can donate? If this is your plan, you are going to need a lot more friends.

Brand Exec is a marketing company that specializes in helping people across Canada set up extremely successful Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding projects. I  create a solid marketing plan to help people achieve their furthest stretch goals while working for a small percentage of the final amount. And I don’t get paid until the project has succeeded.

Im-Viral-400x600Go Big

Use the rules of online marketing and a solid marketing plan to far exceed your goals. A common concern raised on the Kickstarter site is that project creators often underestimate the actual costs involved in making their project happen. A solid marketing plan will help you to understand what your final costs will be and how much you will need to raise to truly succeed. Don’t be afraid of big numbers, sometimes it’s easier to raise  a large amount of money rather than a small one.

No Cost to You

Risk free! No money down! Operators are standing by! (Just kidding. I haven’t hired any operators.) The service that Brand Exec provides is paid for by a percentage of the final amount raised. This means I don’t get paid unless you do. I don’t get paid until you do. And if I want to make a lot of money, I need to make a lot more money for you.

While this fun spiel sounds like a late-night infomercial, it is really just a common sense approach. Entrepreneurs come to Kickstarter with high energy, great ideas and no money. Charging for my services ahead of time would just be one more barricade for them. Instead, I would rather help turn their high energy and great ideas into money and a successfully completed project. I am confident enough in the outcome that I don’t mind waiting until the project closes successfully. I know it will.

What Do I Need From You?

Call now. Really, call right now at (807) 709-0734  or email and let me know that you are interested. You don’t need to have a completed prototype or even a project launch date because the sooner I can get involved, the easier it is to control the outcome. You can have a project that is still in the idea stage or a project that is almost finished as long as it is a great idea that excites you, and you are dedicated to it’s success.

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